Thyme Management was created out of the realization that in today’s increasingly busy world many of us don’t have the time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals on a regular basis. Instead, we find ourselves grabbing convenience foods that are loaded with fat, salt, sugar and preservatives – not what we envisioned for our families! Now you can have great entrees that you personalize to your family’s taste preferences, prepared in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. So, bring some friends, maybe a bottle of wine to share with them & make it a girls’/guys’ night out!


We also offer other services (contact us for more info on any of the following):

  • Sessions for private parties

  • Gift certificates

  • Split a session with a friend

  • Meal assembly

  • Catering

  • Cooking classes

  • Personal chef services


My goal is to make dinner time easy and stress free for you


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